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Freya’s Digital Makeup Brushset


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144 brushes: 59$ 29$

Glam-up your Procreate Portraits and Photos with realistic Digital Makeup Brushes

Makeup can make or break your digital art. Forget the fake, flat look - these 183 custom Procreate brushes help you add lifelike, pro-level makeup to your portraits easily!


*Commercial license: +25 USD (select at checkout). Refunds on brushes are not possible.

Base Makeup - 27 Brushes

Eyeshadow - 41 Brushes

Eyeliner - 20 Brushes

Mascara - 24 Brushes

Eyebrows - 20 Brushes

Contact Lens - 13 Brushes

Lips - 30 Brushes

Face Accessories - 8 Brushes

BONUS: 3 Eyeshadow Swatches

BONUS: 5 Skin Tone Swatches

BONUS: 1 Face Template

เซทบรัชสีน้ำเสมือนจริง มีให้เลือกหลายเทคนิค

*Prices in US Dollars. Commercial license: +25 USD (select at checkout). Refunds on brushes are not possible. Limited time offer. Expires at midnight.
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A game-changing tool for creating realistic makeup in your Procreate art

Creating realistic makeup effects in digital portraits or photos can be tough.

Non-specialized brushes often fall short when it comes to detailed makeup applications. They lack the finesse needed for detailed makeup tasks like contouring, adding glow, or creating fantasy effects

Makeup is a delicate art. Achieving a realistic look digitally often demands careful tweaking and patience.

That's where the beauty of Freya’s Digital Makeup Brush Set comes in. With 183 custom Procreate brushes, you can instantly create professional makeup looks on any digital portrait, saving time and avoiding frustration.

Designed to capture realistic skin textures and makeup effects

Like many, I appreciate the art of feeling beautiful, watching beauty influencers create stunning makeovers, and admiring the work of makeup artists in runway shows and fashion shoots.

Driven by my passion for makeup and digital art, I crafted brushes that reflect popular beauty trends, from dewy skin to bestselling eyeshadow palettes and more. 

These soft brushes feature a variety of textures like glitter, shimmer, and satin, and the lash brushes are inspired by real salon extensions

I carefully tested these brushes to ensure they mimic real makeup and blend seamlessly on digital portraits or photos.

A must-have for creatives in every niche

Whether you're in digital portraits or character design, you’re a makeup artist, a beauty blogger, or just experimenting with new makeup looks, this brush set is your new secret weapon. 

It’s a fantastic tool for trying out new makeup styles and techniques effortlessly. Create and preview complete looks in no time, without the fuss of traditional makeup. Apply it to digital portraits or directly on your photos - it looks incredibly lifelike.

In the real world, messing up your makeup could mean starting over or spending precious time fixing errors. With Procreate, a mistake is just an opportunity to tap the undo button and keep working on your vision. No stress and no mess.

*Prices in US Dollars. Commercial license: +25 USD (select at checkout). Refunds on brushes are not possible. Limited time offer. Expires at midnight.
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More than just a pack of Procreate makeup brushes

On top of the 183 custom Procreate brushes, you’re also getting some cool extras to help you sharpen your digital makeup skills and speed up the process.

A free bonus lesson: This lesson will help you get the most out of each brush, giving you the confidence to tackle any digital makeup challenge.

5 skin tone swatches: Get the perfect foundation for any portrait with these carefully selected skin tone swatches. These swatches provide a range of shades that mimic real human skin, ensuring your art looks as natural as possible.

3 eyeshadow palette swatches: Access tried-and-true color combinations with these eyeshadow palette swatches. These presets are based on popular makeup looks, allowing you to apply stunning eyeshadow quickly and easily.

1 face template: Practice makes perfect, and this face template is the ideal tool for honing your skills. Use it to try out different looks and techniques, making it easier to experiment and learn.

With this extensive toolkit at your fingertips, you're well-equipped to apply stunning, professional-quality makeup to your digital artwork and photos. Preview looks before you commit to them, do quick touch-ups, or simply explore your creativity in Procreate.

Sample Artworks

Introduction video

Brush list - ↔️ Slide to browse

*Prices in US Dollars. Commercial license: +25 USD (select at checkout). Refunds on brushes are not possible. Limited time offer. Expires at midnight.
🎁 NEW: Buy as a Gift🎄 NEW: Buy as a Gift
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Can I use the brushes on unlimited devices? (Or will I be able to transfer brushes to my new iPad?)

Of course! The brush set files are yours forever - you'll always be able to access them using your login information and you can also store them locally on your hard drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.


Are those physical or digital brushes?

Just to be clear, those are digital assets! The files are in .brushset format. You will be able to download the files after your purchase and you can use them with an iPad App - Procreate.


Do the brushes work with Photoshop or any other software? Can I use them on a PC or Mac?

Sadly no, the brushes are in .brushset file format specifically designed for Procreate App for iPad to be used with Apple Pencil. They are fine-tuned for Apple Pen pressure sensitivity. If you use a different stylus than Apple Pencil on your iPad, the results may vary.

The brushes also cannot be used in any desktop software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.


Can I sell digital artworks produced using these brushes? (Standard and Commercial licensing explained)

Digital assets like custom brushes are time-consuming to produce and a lot of work is put into sampling, configuring, and fine-tuning a brush set of 100+ brushes.

They are used by a variety of users from hobby artists to freelancers and also bigger companies and agencies. We want to make the brushes accessible for everyone while also allowing an affordable licensing option for artists that want to use the brushes to produce commercial artworks.

The Standard License included in the base price covers personal use cases in non-commercial end projects and posts on up to two personal social media accounts. That means it allows unlimited use for any kind of artwork (digital or printed) and you can also freely display that artwork digitally (on your social media or galleries) or physically (exhibitions,...). 

On the other hand, if you want to use the brushes to produce unlimited physical or digital end products or artworks intended for sale, you should purchase a Commercial license add-on. 

Commercial license also covers posting on unlimited personal and business social accounts, display on digital paid advertisements with unlimited impressions, and commercial use in native apps or web apps.

To be clear - A commercial license does not permit the re-sale of the actual brush set file pack.


Can I download the brushes right after I pay?

Yes, you will receive an e-mail with login information to access your downloads minutes after your payment is processed.

Meet Freya, the Brush pack creator

My name is Freya Kotchakorn and I’ve been a professional digital artist for over 15 years. Working with some of the leading brands in their respective fields has gained me quite some know-how that I don’t mind sharing.

In fact, I’ve become so proficient at it, that I’m now teaching hundreds of other aspiring artists such as yourself and presenting at iPad drawing events in Apple stores.

Since a lot of my students find the Procreate basics mini-course super helpful, they also enroll in my Masterclass to take their digital art to the pro level.

Many of them have even come so far as to start working with popular clients as freelancers or employees. 

Talking at the Apple event "Today at Apple" about iPad drawing techniques.
Some of my client collaborations.

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Once you opt for my free Basics course, you'll receive the two special bonuses below completely FREE of charge:

4 Stunning Coloring Pages

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4-Pack of Original Wallpapers For Desktop and Mobile

Tired of the boring old wallpapers that have been around for ages? Get four unique wallpapers that you can't find anywhere else!

*Prices in US Dollars. Limited time offer. Expires at midnight.
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Frequently asked questions


What equipment do I need to start the course?


Is this course live or pre-recorded? Do I have to show up on a specific date to follow along?


Is this really a free course or is there a catch?!


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